Zuri designs is a new age fashion design company that combines african designs and print with modern fashion to produce an aesthetic value. Zuri means beauty in Swahili (A language spoken by millions of people in South & East Africa).

At Zuri designs we are committed to promoting beauty through fashion by providing our customers a unique and enriching experience. All our fashion accessories are uniquely handcrafted and design to suit your fashion sense.

Our clothing lines embodies the meaning of zuri by using # and one word that represents beauty, You're essentially telling yourself

"I am beautiful!" This is empowering...

Thanks for being a part of the Zuri experience...

"get 'ur beauty on"

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 Zuri designs is committed to providing our cherished customers a unique experience...an experience that help to bring out the beauty in each and every one of us while showcasing the latest fashion trends through our innovative designs and collection.  Zuri means 'beauty' in Swahili language.

At Zuri, we pride ourselves in providing you the best in style and taste; our products are hand-crafted from uniquely patterned traditional African fabrics.

It is our hope to promote African culture and history through fashion. Our unique use of tribal warriors helps solidify this point. We believe in enhacing customer experience at Zuri; for this reason we've decided to enlighten our customers about the history behind each fabric used for the product you buy.

Thanks for being a part of the Zuri experience and don't forget to put your beauty on! 

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